Working From Home? Designing Your Perfect Home Office

With the trend for home working well and truly here to stay, many people are looking for ways to create a home office within their houses. Whether you have a nook in your hallway, living room, or even a spare bedroom, you can turn any space into a productive workspace.

Creating an area you use as a dedicated home office makes it easier to separate work and home life so you can relax when your work day ends. Even if you don’t have a spare room, separating your ‘office’ from the rest of the house can help create a mental barrier.

Here are our top tips for designing a home office.

Tidy out the Space 

No matter what space you’re converting into a home office, we recommend having a thorough clean-out first.

If you’re converting a spare bedroom into a home office and the room has previously been used as a dumping ground for all the things you don’t have space for elsewhere, you’ll need to clear out any items you have longer need or want.

Think About Storage

The next thing we recommend is carefully considering what storage you’ll need before you plan anything else. Thinking about this is the most crucial starting point, no matter what space you’re transforming into a home office.

Once you know what items you need to store within your home office, you can use this information to help design the space that works for your needs.

Our design team can create a workspace where your items have a dedicated place, so there’s no clutter, and everything is perfectly organised. We can create sliding or bespoke wardrobes or custom-designed shelving to fit your space, no matter how large or small and customise the interior to meet your needs. This will leave you with a clean, tidy, and stylish space where you can be productive and perform at your best.

Get Your Workspace Right 

The next thing to consider is your desk and chair, ensuring it’s as comfortable as possible for those extended periods at your desk. Finally, think about what size of desk you’ll need based on your working needs. For example, if you use three screens whilst working, you’ll need a far larger desk than someone who uses a laptop.

Consider purchasing a sit-and-stand desk to divide your time between sitting and standing and enjoy the increased productivity and health benefits this brings. Also, ensure you choose an ergonomic desk chair that correctly supports you, so you won’t suffer from a sore back, neck, or shoulders from working in an awkward position.

If you want to learn more about our home office furniture and storage solutions, our team can help. Arrange a visit from one of our design consultants, who’ll go through all the creative possibilities and provide you with a bespoke no-obligation design and quotation for your space. Call us to arrange now at 0117 973 8100 or email, and one of our team will be in touch shortly.

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