The Advantages of Sliding Fitted Wardrobes

There are many advantages to sliding fitted wardrobes. Not only do they look great, but they also provide the perfect storage solution, providing space to store everything away, so your home looks clean, tidy and organised.


Sliding fitted wardrobes look fantastic. First and foremost, they look sleek! They are custom-fit to your space, and with a wide range of finishes, they will suit your décor and home style perfectly.

At Infiniti2, we have a massive range of carcass types to choose from to complement your home. Different coloured glass is available to suit your style, and various coloured boards are available to finish the look. Mirrored glass finishes are another option, and they serve a dual purpose, acting as both a mirror and a door. The mirrored glass will make your room look larger and more spacious, an excellent option for any room but particularly good for small ones.

By carefully choosing different options to suit your tastes, you can create a sliding fitted wardrobe that is visually striking or one that blends into the existing décor if that suits your tastes better.


When it comes to practicality, sliding fitted wardrobes are top. Freestanding wardrobes can’t maximise the use of space efficiently as they rarely fit into an area perfectly, often leaving wasted space above or at the sides. Maximising every inch of space allows for as much storage as possible for your clothes and other items.

Under-utilised space is especially relevant if you have a bedroom with an awkwardly shaped area, a sloping ceiling, or even a high ceiling. Having a fitted wardrobe tailored to fit the space can make a massive difference, not only for storage but also to give the room a finished look.

Another benefit of sliding fitted wardrobes is that your sliding wardrobe doors do precisely that: slide. No floor space is needed for the doors to swing outward. This feature is especially significant if you’re short on space in a small room!

Bespoke Storage

At Infiniti2, we provide bespoke storage solutions for the interior of your sliding fitted wardrobes. If you have an extensive shoe collection, we have interior storage options to suit you. If you need a lot of hanging space, we can incorporate this into your design. If you’d like drawers and shelves to house items, these can be built-in. We’ve even included space for a wall-mounted TV inside a wardrobe to hide it away when not in use. We can also add LED lighting to ensure you can see all of your items easily.

With a bespoke interior in your wardrobe, you can keep your items stored the way you want them, organised and easy to locate.

If you think that you’re ready for a sliding fitted wardrobe, then Infinitiis the solution you need! Visit our website for inspiration, then get in touch for a no-obligation quotation!

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