How to Design a Bedroom for Your Son

Boys’ bedrooms can be hard to organise and design effectively, but the one thing we do know is that storage is the most critical aspect. A built-in wardrobe that maximises space, and storage solutions that work and are flexible as your son grows up, are essential.

Here are the things we think all parents should think about when organising a bedroom for their son.

Get Your Son Involved

Involving your son in designing and organising their bedroom can excite children and make them feel involved and as though their opinions are respected and valued. Ask your son what things are most important to him in his bedroom and what he wants and doesn’t want from the space. From there, you can start to get ideas for what things will work and be most useful in the area.


While planning for a built-in wardrobe or other storage solutions is a great time to declutter and remove things your son has outgrown and no longer wears or uses. Be sure to go through all clothes, toys and other items and only keep what your child uses and needs.

Work with What You Have

Once you’ve decluttered, you’ll quickly see how many items of clothes, toys, and other things your son has, and you can use this information to decide how big the built-in wardrobe needs to be and what storage solutions you need inside it. For example, if your son has an extensive collection of Lego, he’ll need somewhere to store this effectively. If he’s older and has a budding clothing collection, he’ll need more drawers and hanging space to keep everything housed neatly.

Think of Your Son’s Access

If your son is into his Lego and uses it regularly, there’s no point in it being housed on a top shelf that he can’t reach. Think about what things he should be able to access easily, and we will design the storage accordingly.

Use Colour to Make it Fun.

Built-in wardrobes don’t have to come in neutral colours, and we have a wide range of colourful wardrobe doors. We even have a range of fun, striking graphic panels and fun designs to make the space unique.

Use a Professional Company

A professional company specialising in bespoke wardrobes can help you and your son’s bedroom dreams come to life. Our incredible designers will work closely with you to create a wardrobe solution that houses everything perfectly.

We have an incredible range of compartments that can house toys and clothes, and we have a range of adaptable features like removable shelves and extra add-in clothes rails so that the wardrobe can grow and adapt over time as your son grows.

We’d be delighted to visit your home to discuss all the possibilities and provide you with a free, no-obligation design and quotation. Book a visit from one of our design consultants by filling in our online contact form, calling 0117 973 8100, or emailing

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