How to Design A Bedroom for Your Daughter

When it comes to organising children’s bedrooms, storage is vital. Children have many things and create mess quickly, so having storage that works and is flexible and fun for your daughter to use is so important.

Here are some things to consider when organising and designing a bedroom for your daughter.

Work with Your Daughter

Get your daughter involved in the bedroom designing process. Of course, the extent will depend on their age, and older children and teenagers are bound to have more opinions than little ones.

Ask your daughter what’s most important to her in her bedroom. Ask what she wants and doesn’t want and use this information to provide a base from which to start. We also find that children involved in the design process tend to feel a sense of ownership over their bedroom and are more likely to keep it tidy and in some order.

Look at Everything and Declutter

Before you begin, it’s essential to know how much stuff there is, how many clothing items, toys, etc. You can then use this information to decide how to lay out the storage and wardrobe solutions. If your daughter has an extensive stuffed toy collection, she’ll need somewhere with easy access to store these. If you have a teenage daughter with a penchant for trainers, creating storage that has space for her collection is a must.

Consider Accessibility

If your daughter is young, consider what items are most important for her to easily access herself (e.g. her books, her favourite toys) and think about the things that matter most to her. If your daughter is older, think about leaving space for a desk for homework and studying.

Considering all these things during the design stage is crucial to finish up with a bedroom that fits your daughter’s needs and will work with her over time as she grows up.

Work with Colour

When it comes to built-in wardrobes and other bespoke storage solutions, they don’t have to be white or black, especially in children’s rooms. Children love colour, so we have a great range of colourful wardrobe doors. We can also include extra panels to make them exciting, and there’s even the option to add graphics and fun designs to the doors so that they’ll love their new wardrobe as much as you do.

Work with a Professional Company Like Ours  

A professional wardrobe company like ours can help you design the proper storage solutions for your daughter’s bedroom that meet all your criteria (and hers!).

We can fit compartments that help tidy away toys, and our clever designers also have many adaptable features, such as removable shelves or extra add-in clothes rails for when your child gets older and has fewer toys and more clothes.

Why not arrange a visit by one of our design consultants to your home to help make your daughter’s bedroom storage dreams a reality? We’ll take you through all the creative possibilities and provide you with a no-obligation design and quotation. Book a visit by filling in our online contact form, calling 0117 973 8100 or emailing

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