Fitted Wardrobe? Here Are the Top Things to Consider

Committing to buying a fitted wardrobe for your home is a significant decision and one that requires good planning. You must take time to think about it logically and plan everything out perfectly. By doing this, the finished result will be something that looks good and makes the most of the space that you have but is also functional and helps store the items you need.

Think About What You Will Be Storing  

One of the things we recommend our clients think about first is what items they will store within their fitted wardrobes. Take some time to look at the clothes, shoes, and other accessories that will live within your new fitted wardrobes. Know how many pairs of shoes, handbags, pairs of jeans, long dresses, suits, and everything else you need to store so that you’ll know how large you need your wardrobe to be.

Choose a Location for the Wardrobe

In some homes, it’s obvious where a wardrobe should go, and in others, it’s less evident as room configurations can change. If you’re not exactly sure where you’d like your fitted wardrobe, our team can visit your home for a free, no-obligation consultation and discuss the different options to help you decide on the right spot for your wardrobe.


Think About the Right Way to Store Items  

There’s a right way to store everything, and correctly storing it makes items easier to see, access and put away. We can fit out the interior of your wardrobe with shelves, shirt drawers, hanging laundry baskets, extendable hangers, shoe racks, and so much more to ensure everything has its place.

We have a clever storage solution no matter what you want to store. For example, if you have a lot of long dresses, coats, or other similar items, you’ll need full-length hanging areas to keep them. If you have a collection of watches, a dedicated watch drawer can be an excellent addition. If you want to tuck your dirty laundry out of sight, a laundry basket inside the wardrobe keeps it from prying eyes.


With Infiniti2, you don’t have to choose between Style or Functionality!

Think about what’s important to you; style or functionality. If you value functionality, we’ll start there to ensure it works flawlessly and still looks good. If you’re looking for style, we’ll start there and work with you to create a fitted wardrobe that’s a work of art, with plenty of interior features to meet your requirements.

Our team is on hand to help put together your perfect fitted wardrobe design. We create fitted wardrobes that are ingenious in their practicality and visually striking. During a free, no-obligation consultation, we’ll work with you to establish your aims and work on the external and internal elements of the wardrobe to ensure they’re exactly what you’re looking for. Give us a call today on 0117 973 8100, and we’ll begin the process.

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