Bespoke Wardrobes: The Perfect Way to Organise Clutter

So, you don’t have enough storage space? Do you have too many clothes and not enough places to store them neatly? Need somewhere to keep your accessories, television, books? Or perhaps shoes are your thing? Bespoke wardrobes are the perfect way to create the space you require!

Use Every Inch of Space you Have

One of the best things about bespoke wardrobes is precisely that; they’re custom-made to your space and requirements. They are specially designed to fit your room and maximise every inch of available space. At Infiniti2, we create beautiful, functional wardrobes to fit into any space – no matter how large, small, or awkward the area.

One of the most common problems with freestanding wardrobes is that they don’t fit available spaces exactly, so there is wasted space around them. This might mean wasted space above a wardrobe between its top and the ceiling, or it might be round the sides as you can’t get something that’s the correct dimensions for your room.

We create fitted wardrobes in rooms with high ceilings, low ceilings, sloping ceilings, under eaves, and much more. Whatever your space looks like, our design team will work with you to create a wardrobe that fits and allows you to use every bit of space you have.

Storage to Suit You

When it comes to the internal elements, this is where bespoke fitted wardrobes come into their own. We can give your room a new clutter-free look by working with you to create accessible storage that will neatly house anything you want to keep out of sight, not just your clothes and shoes!

Our designers will discuss the type of items you have to create the right internal storage solutions. For example, if you have a lot of long dresses, we’ll create adequate full-length hanging areas, or if you have an extensive watch collection, we’ll be sure to include a dedicated watch drawer to house them.

Taking time to think about the type of items you have and selecting the most suitable internal elements of your wardrobe to house these is key to getting the best result and keeping your clutter under control.

If you’re ready to begin your journey to create the perfect fitted wardrobes, Infiniti2 is here to help. Book a Free, no-obligation home visit and one of our designers will visit your home and work with you to establish your aims, discuss how you’d like your wardrobe to look, how the doors will open and what it’ll look like inside. We’ll build your plans using 3D software so you can see the finished design and ensure you’re 100% happy with how it’ll look in your room.

To arrange a home visit, give our team a call on 0117 973 8100 or email

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