Bespoke Shelving to House your TV

TVs are often the focal point in any home, but they’re also usually in that one corner where wires, cables, and other types of hardware tend to get messy. You may think there’s no way to get around this untidy situation, but have you investigated bespoke shelving? If you haven’t, well, this is a sign to consider doing so. It can significantly enhance not just the aesthetic appeal of your room but, more importantly, your viewing experience.

Whether you’re remodelling the entire living room or converting a space in your home into an entertainment centre, you should consider custom-made shelves built according to your taste, needs and design preference. Infiniti2 understands how shelving can make all the difference between chaotic and aesthetic, so you can be sure that the results you’ll get will be nothing short of outstanding.

What Is Bespoke Shelving?

Bespoke shelving isn’t in any way like your average shelving options. It’s the ultimate solution to address all your storage, organisation, and even your decluttering problems. Your TV unit could very well benefit from this customisation idea in more ways than one.

Bespoke shelving units are an efficient and pleasant way to display your entertainment devices. What’s more, they help ensure no wasted space, no hardware left in disarray, and that you have only praise for the ambience they create as you binge-watch your favourite series, movies, and whatnot.

All Your Hardware in One Place, And Make It Appealing

Apart from housing your television, built-in shelving is also what you need to keep all your entertainment-related hardware and accessories in one place without sacrificing design.

Infiniti2 creates everything to meet your specific standards, so you don’t need to worry about the size of your space. They design their bespoke shelving to fit the space you have. No matter how many ‘tech’ issues you need to consider (wires and cables that need clever organising or gadgets and accessories that you want to display), let Infiniti2 do the worrying and crafting for you.

Imagine having a dedicated space for all your media equipment, from speakers, DVD players, Sky boxes, and video game consoles, to controllers, remotes, and even a hi-fi if you have one. Every item will be displayed or organised in an incredibly satisfying manner.  Their unique 2D software will show every option as they design it, so you’ll know precisely what your shelves will look like and can make changes to the plans as they create them.

Framing Your Space in Good Taste

Your entertainment area will affect your home’s interior style and décor, so you need to be careful about how you plan it. You should position your state-of-the-art TV set at an angle that makes everything surrounding it look equally eye-catching. This design planning is where bespoke shelving comes into play.

Here are some tips you could use when figuring out the best approach for your TV unit and bespoke shelving:

  • Consider the size of the TV you have, or if you’re about to buy a new one, make sure you have an idea where to place it and whether it’ll fit the space.
  • Think of the different electrical components you need to include in the setup to decide how many shelves would be ideal for your unit.
  • Do you want the finished product to match your existing décor? If so, plan the colours and materials well.

Here is where the team at Infinit2 come into action. They meet you for a FREE design consultation where they ‘fact find’ with you, considering these tips and more! Your designer then works with you to create a shelving unit that meets your specifications exactly.

Your media centre is longer just a big, black box. The choice is entirely up to you when it comes to the finish, colour, and number and position of the shelves. You can also add custom cabinets and drawers as a storage solution for your TV hardware. Your bespoke shelves will hide all the cables and wires that make your consoles, television, and stereo work.

Book Your FREE Design Consultation today

Get started on creating your dream entertainment centre today by contacting Infiniti2 for a free consultation. Request your bespoke design service by calling 0117 973 8100, book online or send an email to

Shelving to House your TV

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