A spare room or room to spare?

Is a walk-in wardrobe one of those items you’ve been itching to have? They are one of those features that make home life a little more luxurious – think hot tubs, wet rooms and sit-on lawn mowers – but for those with a bit of space to spare, your own walk-in wardrobe doesn’t have to just be a dream.

Take these steps to make your dream a reality.

Location, location, location…

Scouting out a location for your walk-in is the first step, but if you’ve already got a space in mind, then you’ll have a head start. Maybe there’s a small box room that could be put to better use or a bedroom re-design, renovation or remodelling about to be carried out on your house that could create some extra space?

You don’t even need to give up a whole room to create your walk-in wardrobe – partition doors are a great way of sectioning off some free space. This option is great if you’ve got a long, narrow bedroom or an irregular shaped room with alcoves. Get thinking – if there’s no space in your bedroom, do you have any unused hall space you could utilise instead?

Think about function

What do you need to fit into your walk-in wardrobe? Taking the time to think about who will be using the wardrobe and what needs to fit into it is an important step to ensure your finished walk-in wardrobe is functional and makes the most of the space you have.

Take a good look at your clothes and make a list of everything that needs a home, so when it comes to planning the interior of the wardrobe, you’ll know what kind of rails and accessories would come in handy to house everything comfortably. Consider how much hanging space you’ll need and whether you’d benefit from compartmentalised drawers to organise your knick-knacks or a discreet drawer for valuable items.

Will the space need to house anything other than clothing? Would you like to incorporate a seating area, mirrors or a dresser for applying your make-up or drying your hair? Build your wardrobe around your needs and your life.

The ‘wow’ factor…

Style is important. Walk-in wardrobes are, of course, a practical way to get the best use out of all your clothes, but they should provide that ‘wow’ factor too. Would you like open shelves to display your collection of handbags and shoes or some eye-catching sliding doors to hide the vacuum cleaner and those extra bed sheets?

Considered lighting can really change the look and feel of a walk-in wardrobe. Dramatic spotlights for your collection of wonderful hats, drawer lights for your accessories or accent lights along the length of your rails add a finishing touch that makes your wardrobe look really polished and impressive.

Infiniti2 can help you design the perfect wardrobe space, fit for you to walk-in and indulge.

Give us a call on 0117 973 8100, email us at info@infiniti2.co.uk or visit us in our showroom on Whiteladies Road, Bristol.

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