Walk-in wardrobe storage solutions


Your wardrobes should look great, that’s a given, but they need to be organised and accessible too. Our wide range of resourceful wardrobe accessories ensure that you use up every little bit of interior space there is.

Pull down hanging rails utilise those hard-to-reach spaces and clever cross hangers can be mounted underneath a shelf to give you even more hanging space.

Then there’s our large choice of drawers; chrome wire baskets for towels and bed-sheets, shallow drawers for shirts, sectioned drawers for accessories, and vertical pull-outs for ties, belts and scarves – and they all come in varying sizes.

We make storing bulky items such as your vacuum cleaner, iron, shoes or laundry, easier than ever. We’ve got handy wall brackets and clips to store electricals out of the way, pull out laundry bins to hide away your dirty washing and racks and shelves to store your collection of shoes.

There’s a place for everything, and everything is in its place.

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