Our Craftsmanship

Our fitters bring designs to life.

We have over thirty years’ experience when it comes to crafting bespoke furniture from detailed specifications and have an in-depth understanding of the materials they use and how they work together.

A collaboration with our supplier was born of a shared belief in quality craftsmanship. We’re both sticklers for detail when it comes to design and manufacture – those small professional touches are the ones that really distinguish a piece and add a truly flawless finish. It’s the wonderfully smooth glide of the sliding doors, the solid framework, sturdy moving mechanisms and those soft closing drawers that cushion the impact when closed.

Once the order is sent to our craftsmen, it takes between four and six weeks for them to produce the order from the specific measurements given, and carry out the final touches.

Komandor are the manufacturers of all the key furniture components:

  • All Komandor products are designed to be durable for at least ten years – manufactured parts all come with a 10 year guarantee
  • Everything Komandor make is cut to order – there is no one size fits all
    Komandor have an ISO 9001:2000 certificate, so they are recognised for their quality standards and consistent results
  • Komandor test their product mechanisms to destruction – hinges are tested to their limit and sliding doors open and close thousands of times, to ensure top quality products
  • Komandor’s research and development centre in Poland employs a strong team of skilled specialists who work on new technologies and products for the Komandor range
  • Komandor supply sliding door systems to 42 different countries and work with over 12,000 businesses
  • There are over 2000 Komandor dealerships worldwide.

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