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As we travel through life, possessions tend to accumulate – shoes, clothes, bags, towels, DVDs and books. We all share a common problem – containing the clutter.

For us, it was over twenty years of belongings, and relocation meant facing up to some stark realities – we didn’t have anywhere to put all of our things.

Finding places to put things in our ‘new’ apartment was going to be a real challenge. The property is Victorian, with plenty of character; wonky walks, awkward cubbyholes and uneven flooring – charming features that created a practical headache.

We needed something that would house our things but look stylish, something that would fit and maximise our space. Most of all, we wanted a house that was spacious and tidy.

Awkward and unusual spaces call for creativity, for resourceful solutions that make use of every bit of space. After much research, we found a perfect solution…Komandor.

They excel at what they do because they harness the potential of every space, no matter what size or shape. There’s no set template for any of their furniture; it’s all made to measure and designed to fit the space you have and the purpose it needs to serve.

We were impressed by the ingenuity of design: the sliding and folding doors, the clever accessories and the countless variety of finishes.

The resulting solution was a happy collaboration between us and Komandor – they gave us the freedom to choose and get involved, so the end result was tailor-made and a perfect fit, in every sense!

We know how Komandor can transform a room – we’ve experienced it, first hand. Komandor helped us to really make the most of our space and we’ve now got furniture that creates a really striking aesthetic feature in our new home.

We strongly felt that this extraordinary and unique craftsmanship deserved to be shared with all those of you who are being consumed by life’s clutter – so we created Infiniti2 to bring you the art of space management

We look forward to welcoming you,
Igor & Alek

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